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Sat. at 10pm on Channel 8 in Lowell.
Thurs. at 9:30 on Channel 8 in Billerica


Taped at Everett High on April 7th, 2001. Thanks to Ken Kelley.
Beefcake & Valentine take on The Power Company Twins
New Jack vs. Kronus
The International Superstar Mike Lee vs. Vince Vicallo
Tag match with Gorgeous George & Cassie Strator at ringside.
Featuring music by The Chris Ware Band, The Queers, New York Dolls, Ten Toes Up, Spank S'Notra and others!
Trivial stuff: Due to problems with getting another episode done this aired for over a month in Lowell. The copy of the show that aired in Billerica differs in that the language was taken out, the Dream Team match was sped up and a Tommy Dreamer plug for the next show was added.


From the Nashua, NH show that happened on April 22nd, 2001. Jerry 'The King' Lawler, Tommy Dreamer, Vince Vicallo & April Hunter. Also features the debut of 'Fans Doing Promos.'


TAW Caliornia. Breaking away from the all-music format of the first two episodes this one saw matches featuring Mike Modest among others with an intro by Darkside and play-by-play by McCarthy.


Although no figures are yet available on the matter of how many people watch Smackdown in Billerica, specifically the last half-hour, we here at TAW have heard from SEVEN admitted viewers!!! But now is not the time to get comfortable and rest on this impressive lead, for we all know the story of Eric Bischoff. We must continue to put the show together and perhaps someday we might have viewers numbering into the double digits. Godspeed, everyone.